Art security

Proven reputation in art security

TransQuest has a proven reputation and experience when it comes to applying Active RFID. We deliver ingenious total solution packages. We are also very active in the museum market. In this sector we offer solutions to address the challenge which museums face: making the collection accessible whilst also safeguarding it with optimum security. In museums such as the Rijksmuseum (National Gallery) and the Scheepvaartmuseum (National Maritime Museum) in Amsterdam and the and Hermitage Amsterdam we have shown how we can use advanced software and strategically employed receivers and tags (RFID) to provide genuinely effective art security.

Art security: Unique integrated system

Museums have very specific security requirements: art must always be as accessible as possible, yet also be protected against threats such as theft and vandalism. It is during opening hours that museums are most vulnerable. But there’s more: museums regularly set up temporary in-house or external exhibitions, which must be secured just as effectively. In addition, rooms are reorganized and many museums work with a security management system into which property security must also be fully integrated. TransQuest knows this better than anyone. We offer museums a unique integrated system allowing items to be secured with tags. Where museum’s decide to invest in tags and readers, access control as well as time and attendance tracking can be extended or integrated at little extra cost.


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